1. Comfort in Chaos *FREE DOWNLOAD
    Dox Boogie ft. Born Divine, Noyz Denali & Double

  2. Fresh Like (Springtime)
    Spaceman Jones ft. Gnols

  3. Ground Cover ft. Sapient
    Intention ft. Sapient

  4. Real High (Smoke it if you got it)
    Spaceman Jones

  5. Ghetto Moshpit OFFICIAL REMIX
    Dox Boogie

  6. Ghetto Moshpit OG
    Dox Boogie

  7. There's Some (Prod. Dox Boogie Music)
    Dox Boogie

    Dox Boogie presents BZdaGod

  9. Breaking Bad
    Knowshun of FreeWill, G.S. Advance & Undaworld Dynasty(Produced by Dox Boogie Music ASCAP)

  10. Silk Scarves
    Brain Kave Music ft. Shaz Illyork

  11. Loss for Words
    Dox Boogie

  12. Wildside
    SunGod, Joan Jett & Prime of MiddleGround

  13. Do You
    Dox Boogie

  14. 88' (Produced by Nam Nitty)
    Nam Nitty

  15. INDUSTRYal RevILLution
    Dox Boogie

  16. Showtime w/ Stumik of IceWater & Nam Nitty
    Dox Boogie

  17. No Hand Outs (Prod.by Kidd Called Quest)
    Kidd Called Quest ft.Dox Boogie

  18. Golden Compass
    Kavemen ft. Alex Minor, Mixture(Sony), Absyrd & Hi-Q

  19. Klose Encounters of the Fourth Rhyme
    The Kavemen ft. Tiayamo Denku, BMS, Wra!th & Dox Boogie

  20. We Created Fire Vol.1 (Warriors Edition) Hosted by Apache Ramos
    Brain Kave Music Group

  21. The Kaveman vs. The Alien (Prod. Neorev)
    Neorev ft.Dox Boogie

  22. Against All Odds ft. HanzOn,Tek Luciano,Bravos,Skript & Gravity

  23. Queensbridge Park @ 3:42 AM
    Noyz Denali (Produced by Dox Boogie)

  24. Fight Klub ft. Tha Realness, Kromeatose, Prophit & Dox Boogie
    Brain Kave Music Group

  25. Can't Wait (Produced by Domingo)
    Dox Boogie

  26. The Artist (Prod. Vic Grimes)
    Dox Boogie

  27. Love Me or Hate Me (You're Looking at a Star)
    JR Phenom

  28. Dreamin' ft. Marvwon, Noyz Denali & 11:23PM

  29. When the Pain Calls
    Pugs Atomz, m00kdatruth & Intention

  30. Monumental (Produced by Domingo)
    Dox Boogie

  31. We Get Props (Triple D's)
    DreamTek, Dox Boogie & DC the Truth

  32. Book of Kings (Prod. SixFire)
    Noyz Denali

  33. Quicksand EP
    Bloody Monk Consortium

  34. Murder International
    Dox Boogie

  35. Devil in my Bedroom

  36. Fight for It
    Dox Boogie

  37. Hate Me ft. Rainy Terrell
    The Guinea Bastard & The Irish Prick

  38. The EvILLution Vol. 1(FOR CHARITY)
    Brain Kave Music Group Network Web Radio

  39. NY State of Grind
    J Phaytul ft. Ruste Juxx, Comet & Dox Boogie

  40. Kave Assassins ft. Planet Asia
    The Kavemen ft. Planet Asia, Dox Boogie, Ultimate Ultra & Centri

  41. Noise Terrorists (Prod. Vint Mentalz)
    Absyrd, Bravos Xodus & Rob Nova of The Kavemen

  42. It's Gone
    Dox Boogie

  43. Scene of Nutkases

  44. The Boogie Man
    Dox Boogie

  45. Taste The Love
    DJ Modesty Presents Kings From Queens ft.Dox Boogie

  46. Fuck You Pay Me ft. Mixture (Sony Music), Solomon Childs (Wu Tang Clan) & Illa Ghee(Mobb Deep)
    Dox Boogie

  47. Brain Kave Music Presents.. Absyrd "Obeast" Mixtape Vol. 1

  48. Necessary Violence
    Dox Boogie

  49. SINematic
    Dox Boogie

  50. Straight Up(No Chaser) Chris Stylez Remix
    Dox Boogie

  51. #OccupyHipHop the Mixtape


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